Unity Asset – HQ Residential House for FREE Download.HQ Residential House is an awesome house model in the US style that can do everything from walking inside, opening doors, windows, closets to turning on/off the lamps. When using this project, users can freely generate a neighborhood with so many variations of exterior, interior and furniture colors.

The project covers several main features:
– PBR;
– detailed exterior and interior;
– made by a real house blueprint;
– customizable exterior, interior and furniture;
– A collection of more than 200 unique and different objects;
– scripted doors, windows and light switches;
– A set of 4 different demo scenes with lighting already set up including Day-baked, Day-realtime, Night-baked and Night-realtime;
– The project is perfectly compatible with VR (watch demo);
– BONUS: Modular Interiors system;
– tris count – 135k total in the demo scene.

Download Unity Asset – HQ Residential House

Content source: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/hq-residential-house-48976

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