Poliigon – Rock Models for FREE Download

Few assets get as much mileage as a rock. Archviz, environments, sci-fi planets – all encrusted with rock. Like a screwdriver to a tradesmen, a rock is to a 3D artist.

But you’ve probably also experienced your fair share of bad rocks – stretching, lack of detail, uneven lighting etc. So we spent months making a significant investment into our photoscanning workflow to create a collection of rocks that just work.

There are 60 rocks available now, and more on the way!


  • 3ds Max 2016 (or newer)
  • Cinema 4D R18 (or newer)
  • Maya 2016 (or newer)
  • Blender 2.80 (or newer)

Download Poliigon – 60 Rock Models

Rocks.zip   (download)
628.69 MB

Content source: https://www.blog.poliigon.com/blog/introducing-rocks

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