Evermotion – Archmodels vol 150 Photo-Realistic Food Products for FREE Download.Archmodels vol. 150 is a collection of 52 stylish and fully detailed 3d models that can be used for your architectural visualizations. When using this set, users can freely try high quality photo-realistic food products that are meticulously 3d-scanned and optimized by Evermotion artists. Any objects are available for use in your visualizations.

All models was carefully scanned by using the top-end DLSR camera. Every pictures was captured in the 24MP resolution in the uncompressed RAW format so we could take the most of texture data. With more than 100 photos of single model, we imported them to software using this data in order to generate a point cloud and detailed mesh of individual object.

Our 3d scanning with DLSR in this project can make sure the accuracy that you can not expect more in a normal 3d modeling. The phororealistic textures and mesh are 100% accurately designed with the best quality. Scanned models gives users even million polygons that is too much for a single object. Therefore, our studio have to optimize them and make them lighter. Not all models exceed 30-50k polys, only the most complicated models have over 100k polys.

Archmodels vol. 150 is perfect for every visualization scene from architectural visualization, commercial to animation or movie.

Presented models and scenes were carefully rendered in V-ray with 3ds max.

The pack doesn’t cover all scenes.


*.max – 2011 or higher

V-Ray *.max – 2.0 or higher – with textures and shaders

Download Evermotion – Archmodels vol 150 Photo-Realistic Food Products

Evermotion-ArchModels-vol150.part1.rar  (1.50 GB)
Evermotion-ArchModels-vol150.part2.rar  (1.21 GB)

Content source: https://evermotion.org/shop/show_product/archmodels-vol-150/11646

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