Evermotion – Arch Interiors 39 Modern Bathrooms for FREE Download.Archinteriors vol. 39 is a collection of 10 completely textured scenes of modern bathrooms. All scenes are available to render with stylish looking shaders and lighting.

NOTE: All scenes are carefully prepared only for V-ray with 3dsmax.

The project covers all presented renders with postproduction. Please download PDF Catalogue to check raw renders. PSD files are included in the pack.

We highly recommend to use system specification: Quad Core PC with 8GB of ram and 64bit system

In case you have troubles in saving or re-opening the scenes, you can update your PhysX plug-ins. For further detailed, please click here

If users hope to enable material colors in your scene, you can enable it on “Display” tab in 3ds Max. Look here – we highlighted this option on a screenshot.

File Formats Offered

Suitable Software
*.max – 2011 or higher

V-Ray *.max – 2.0 or higher – with textures and shaders

Download Evermotion – Arch Interiors 39 Modern Bathrooms

Evermotion Arch Interiors 39.zip   (download)
1.61 GB

Content source: https://evermotion.org/shop/show_product/archinteriors-vol-39/11932

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