CGAxis 4K Wood PBR Textures – Collection Volume 2 for FREE Download.CGAxis Wood PBR Textures – Collection Volume 2

CGAxis Wood PBR Textures – Collection Volume 2 provides customers a wide array of 100 various PBR textures with flat wooden surfaces. When owning this kit, users can experience different light, dark finewood, oldwood, planks, painted wood and so on. All textures has the 4096 x 4096 px resolution. Every picture is seamless in PNG file format and consists of five maps:

  • Diffuse / Albedo
  • Glossiness
  • Height / Displacement
  • Normal
  • Reflection

Please click to this PDF to preview all the pictures of these textures.

DOWNLOAD CGAxis 4K Wood PBR Textures – Collection Volume 2

CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part01.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part02.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part03.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part04.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part05.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part06.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part07.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part08.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part09.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part10.rar  (3.00 GB)
CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-2-Wood.part11.rar  (145.39 MB)

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