CGAxis 4K Leather PBR Textures – Collection Volume 11 for FREE Download.Leather PBR Textures – Collection Volume 11 of CGAxis

Collection Volume 11, which comes under the name of Leather PBR Textures, is a collection compiled by CGAxis to help the customers who is struggling with the visualization of their designing project. Containing a set of 100 PBR textures of leather fabrics along with suede textures in different colours and patterns, these 4096 x 4096 px resolution textures can make sure of the most pleasurable working experience.

The image inside this collection are fully seamless. Moreover, they comes in the format of PNG and offer the customers 5 maps in total:

  • Diffuse / Albedo
  • Glossiness
  • Height / Displacement
  • Normal
  • Reflection

You can see all preview images of these textures in this PDF.


DOWNLOAD CGAxis 4K Leather PBR Textures – Collection Volume 11

CGAxis-PBR-Textures-Volume-11–Leather.rar   (download)
2.74 GB

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