3DCollective – Photogrammetry Pack 01 Vray for FREE Download.For those who are wanting to generate the realistic 3D models, photogrammetry is your perfect choice. Instead of applying polygonal modeling tips or digital sculpture, this way of “scanning” surfaces and textures rebuild the geometry of a complex model through the specialized software by applying so many photographs of the same object taken from various angles. One benefit of photogrammetry is that users can scan the geometry and color of an object at the same time to generate a real model available.

In order to help you create a seperate 3D models consisting of different polygons and correct linear albedo, we highly recommend 3DCollective – Photogrammetry Pack 01 Vray. 

Highlights included:

  •  The project offers the high resolution cameras (50MP +)
  • A collection of more than 200 photographs per object under controlled lighting conditions
  • A wide array of initial polygons ready to change for using in the realistic projects
  • PBR textures of 4K and 2K by decreasing the number of polygonal load of 3D models thanks to retopology

Although the result is wonderful, this way requires a costly special equipment with the high resolution camera, the studio lights and software and the long period of time to create a single completed model including scanning, geometry creation, retopology, texture baking and materials. When using the collection, users can freely choose from a collection of 76 models of fruits and vegetables and 41 high quality “Sets”. They are always available to use in your scenes with no need of investing the time and money needed to capture them by yourself.

SOFTWARE REQUIREMENTS: 3D Studio MAX 2014 or superior and V-Ray 3.5 o superior

Download 3DCollective – Photogrammetry Pack 01 Vray

Photogrammetry Pack 01 – Vray 3DCollective..zip   (download)
1.40 GB

Content source: https://3dcollective.es/en/producto/photogrammetry-pack-01-vray/

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