3D Scan Store – Gorilla écorché for FREE Download.3D Scan Store – Gorilla écorché is an amazing model inspired by a professor in animal anatomy, Gael Kerchenbaum. When using this pack, users can freely experience a highly precise 3d scanned skull and anatomically correct musculature, which is very useful for you to learn or create your own character.

The project consists of a polypainted Zbrush file with single subtools for any kind of muscle group, the skeleton and the surrounding body mesh. All single models are exported in Level 1 Subdivision OBJ’s and FBX’s and equipped with various colour and normal maps. Moreover, the project also have a collection of decimated OBJ files for the Body, Skeleton, Muscles and a ZTL for speedy reference.

Data Set

  • The project offers ZTL Gorilla Ecorche model along with the split subtool muscle groups (Zbrush 2020 or later).
  • ZTL Gorilla Ecorche model is included with a collection of decimated body, skeleton and muscles (Zbrush 2020 or later versions).
  • The project brings customers a fully textured ZTL Skeleton (Zbrush 2019 or later versions).
  • OBJ / FBX Exported Level 1 subtools are specifically spent for individual muscle groups and skeletal parts.
  • The project also has OBJ Decimated Skeleton, Muscles and body objects.
  • When owing this model, users can experience a set of FBX Individual decimated subtools / muscles groups
  • We also provide a wide array of TGA / JPG Textures for both Colour and Normal maps
  • The project consists of a huge collection of Marmoset Toolbag realtime scene files (Requires Marmoset Toolbag)

Download 3D Scan Store – Gorilla écorché

3D-Scan-Store-Gorilla-Ecorche.part1.rar  (2.00 GB)
3D-Scan-Store-Gorilla-Ecorche.part2.rar  (841.18 MB)

Content source: https://www.3dscanstore.com/ecorche-3d-models/gorilla-ecorche-3d-model

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